All the Wonder in one Little Package

Friends, I’ve only posted a handful of photographs that are not a tide line still life, but today I am posting this. Last year, at age one, this granddaughter hated (and I don’t use that word lightly) the beach. The sight (and roar, I think) of the ocean started the tears, touching the sand turned the whimpers into a flood. 

This past weekend, though, was different. There was still the hesitance when we carried her down the steps and onto the beach, but then the wonder began. Mixing scoops of sand into a bucket of water gathered by her Pop was a fun discovery … and then this. There was a tentative walk to the edge of the tide line and a long, wonder-filled look at the vastness and majesty in front of her. 

May this small child never lose wonder of the tide line, and the ocean that lies beyond.