Tide Line Still Life: My Beach Treasures

Thanks to Jody for the privilege of being a guest photographer on this site.

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

Today’s Featured Guest Writer is Marjorie Callahan Beck of Tide Line Still Life.

Tide Line Still Life: My Beach Treasures

As an art history major in college, still life has fascinated me for many decades. Still life is defined by the Tate Museum as art that focuses on “anything that does not move or is dead”.  From paintings of food on the interior of Egyptian tombs to meticulously crafted mosaics from Rome, artwork that consists of carefully arranged inanimate objects has been a part of the history of art from ancient times.  The objects found in a still life can be natural or man made, and the artist deliberately arranges found objects, considering their size, color, perspective, and overall balance with one another. Flowers, fruit, vegetables, and just about any imagined object has found its way in to still lifes; whatever the artist decides to include is acceptable.  It…

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