The Surprise of Turquoise


This photo is not the most clear because I was truly surprised by this splash of color, caught unaware with only my iPhone as a camera. It was a magic day spent with my in-laws driving along a small section of the Delaware Bay in NJ. Horseshoe crabs were ashore laying eggs, birds numbered in the thousands, the tide was low, and the conversation warm. They stayed in the car while I wandered a bit at the site of the East Bay Light House.
This photo may not be perfect, but our day was.

Hook and Eye


The summer of 2014 is officially here with the start of Memorial Day weekend (here in the US). Have picnics and barbecues, and enjoy the outdoors – beach, mountain, lake, park, and backyard. Most of all, make memories with family and friends this season. The memories that are made, and the stories that retell them, serve as a glue that can bind hearts and generations.

Oh, and remember to look for the little treasures that may be at your feet.