Reflection of my Beloved


This is not my favorite photo, per se. However, when I was looking at it on the larger screen, I noticed something in the bubbles. I decided to play with Snapseed’s new HDR feature to sharpen it. What I found was the silhouette of what has to be my husband looking at the still life with me. He was there wandering the tide line with me this particular day, and the angle of the bubbles would have to make it his reflection. Also, I had my camera (and arms) up.

What was not a favorite still life or photograph has become one because it puts into picture how very much my husband is a part of all that I am doing and learning in this photographic journey.

Inspiration. Support. Encouragement. My beloved is beside me, even when he is not part of the actual photograph.

5 thoughts on “Reflection of my Beloved

    • Thanks so very much, Abi. I so appreciate your kind comment. It is difficult when I am too long away from the beach… I actually think I become a bit grouchy! Thanks for following. I look forward to perusing your site. Best, and enjoy the weekend, Maggie

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