Blue of Land, Blue of Sea


The colors on Spittal’s beach are plenty, but soft and gentle like a tweed fabric. When one looks carefully all the colors of the rainbow are able to be found. Here, the sea’s shell and a well-worn pebble are each quite blue. It almost seems as if they have sought one another out in the sand.

Blue Pebble, Sprouted


The pebbles on this area of the Northumberland coast are all beautifully multi-colored, like the shades in a lovely, soft tweed. Every color in the rainbow is present, delicate and muted. This one pebble, though, stood apart as a more vivid blue. Perhaps it is the seaweed beside it in this still life that brings out the blue.

Loving Northumberland’s Coastline


There is nothing … nothing … that I do not love about the Northumberland coastline. From the cliffs, to the dunes, from the wild waves and enormous tidal shifts, to the castles that dot the horizon, I love this area of the world. For one small second, captured here on Spittal’s beach, I sensed the coastline smiling back at me.