Green. Heart. (For Aunt Patsy)

Throughout most of my life, my beloved aunt Patsy and I have written one another letters. We shared garden stories, she offered me practical homemaking advice and recipes, and we simply chatted. Her letter were like sitting down to share a cup of tea, even though she was many miles away. She has shaped my life in countless ways! She taught me to plant my garden for beauty, and with flowers that I loved. She encouraged me to take care and pride in hand sewing. And she shared many recipes, including a favorite chicken salad with Jersey blueberries. Through her stories and a treasured photo, she and my uncle were also my inspiration to learn to scuba dive. 

When I was young, I sent her a small brooch. It was a very small metalwork heart, but green, instead of the typical red or pink. From then on she signed her letters with a small, green heart above her name. I have saved every one.

This post is for her. Nearly 90, she no longer visits the ocean, but she still talks about happy family times down the shore.

I *HEART* Joggins Fossil Cliffs …


… and Nova Scotia, and tide lines of all sorts, and most especially days spent exploring nature with my beloved. This fossilized impression of stigmaria bark from the Carboniferous period says it all.

This photograph was taken along the tide line at Joggins Fossil Cliffs. Rather than a sand, or even small pebble tide line, Joggins is mostly a jumble of rocks, with sand and smaller rocks emerging at low tide. It makes walking the tide line a bit of a challenge, but the reward of watching one’s step comes with finding innumerable fossils along the walk.

NOTE: fossil was misidentified yesterday as lepidodendron. Corrected today as stigmaria.

Loving Northumberland’s Coastline


There is nothing … nothing … that I do not love about the Northumberland coastline. From the cliffs, to the dunes, from the wild waves and enormous tidal shifts, to the castles that dot the horizon, I love this area of the world. For one small second, captured here on Spittal’s beach, I sensed the coastline smiling back at me.