Still Life Composition of Shell, Ocean, and Light


The beauty of this still life is that it is all here in a size that would fit in the palm of a hand.
The curves and rim of this particular mussel shell are especially sensuous. The scattering of sand in its bowl, deposited by the tide, is placed perfectly, gently. The so-tiny splashes of water enhance the interior of the shell and the grains of sand that are contained within it.
What I find most lovely, though is the light that is captured by gleaming white interior of the shell. The sunlight accentuates the scalloping pattern, and creates a small iridescent patch. A hidden rainbow.

Most of the time, the still lifes that I find are larger, more traditional and fitting to art’s description of a still life. Here, though, the arrangement is composed of not multiple different objects, but of the land, sea, and sky together.
Shell, ocean, and light perfectly composed to delight.
I wonder how many tiny treasures such as this one I miss when I walk the tide line . . .