Monochrome Trumps


It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the bleached coquina resting on the larger shell (a small oyster, I think). The shells and crab piece hide a tiny piece of yellow shell beneath, just visible through the hole.
I love this still life composition; the morning sun creating a pearly effect on the oyster makes it perfect.

Feather and Fragments


The tide line is full to overflowing with splashes of color and jumbles of shells and pebbles, yet it is interesting to me how often I come across balanced, monochromatic still lifes, such as this one.
Also of growing interest is the effect the early morning light has on the opacity of the items that I photograph. Here, the light is hitting the bit of down feather just perfectly to give the illusion of transparency. Now that fall is coming, the sun is lower and rising later, so I may have a chance to work with this a bit more.