A Brief Break . . .


As much as I love the tide line, I love venturing well beyond – and below – the tide line even more. When I look out at the ocean, I cannot help but wonder what I am missing by not being under its surface. Am I missing that tiny little blenny that no one is noticing? A pod of passing dolphins? Is there a curious tarpon just waiting to see me eye to eye, or perhaps a shy octopus hoping that I do not show up to disturb his peace? When I look out at the ocean, I wonder about the variety of crabs I may sight on the sandy bottom, or species of mollusks, or the number of flounder. How deep is the ocean floor as far to the horizon as I can see? What is the visibility? Are there wrecks I could visit?

I think that part of my delight in the tide line is that it represents what has tumbled and shifted below the waves . . . and that is where I absolutely love to visit. I love the reefs, and I also crave the outer-space weightlessness of a blue water dive. The marine life and wrecks captivate my imagination in ways that nothing on land can. When I am not diving, I often dream about rolling backwards off the side of a boat, and slowly descending into the sea. If the weather is good, I hopefully will be doing so under a full moon on Monday night for a very special full-moon dive. Fingers crossed for no storms!

So I am heading out to dive for a bit. The opportunity for a daily tide line post may not be there. When I am out of water and on the beach, I will indeed be looking out wondering what I may be missing below the still surface. I will also, though, have my camera, and try to capture just a bit of what the sea offers me on its tide line.


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