Pink Heart


Spotting a heart-rock (or coral, in this case), makes it a lucky day. At least that’s what I tell my granddaughter. This little treasure was nestled perfectly in a cluster of stones and coral at the end of a bay.

Yesterday, though, on another beach, I went out photographing with that same, nine year old granddaughter. She was armed with bags to collect stones and shells, as well as with a fairly good eye for spotting interesting arrangements on the tide line. (No surprise there, her mother is an artist). The early morning and low tide were magic for photography. Some of the photos will show up here soon. Even better, though, the little one found four heart-rocks. Four. She was thrilled, and I was amazed. I suppose though, that it was fitting for her to find so many at once during that special Time. My own heart was filled to bursting with the joy of spending that time with her on the early morning beach.

Oh, Lord, may she always find joy, take delight, seek solace, and be at peace by the sea that You have created.

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