I am not sure how this survived the ferocity of the surf to make it to the tide line. I love how the fairly young mussel has found itself attached to something that is almost unidentifiable as once living. Barnacles? They attach to anything and everything!

On another note, the weather is changing so rapidly! I am wondering what the change in season will bring to the beach this fall. Last autumn we had an abundance of skate egg cases, and then moon shells. Then with Superstorm Sandy, all sorts of flotsam and jetsam was stirred up from the depths to be deposited along the shore. The winds and tides removed so much of the top sand that our beach emerged as heavily pebbled.

I have been walking the tide line for decades. When I began photographing it, I wondered how long I would find it interesting, or how many photos could I post before losing focus. After nearly six months, I am still loving this project, I am still finding beauty in what the sea offers, and the tide line is still a place of refuge for me. I hope these photos will continue to be a bit of delight for all of you, as well.

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