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Fall winds and tides are frequent these days. It seems that all the most recent photos that I have taken show the tangled, windswept beach. I find it much more difficult to find good shots in these conditions. First, it is hard to stay still enough in heavy wind. I do not carry a tripod when I walk the tide line, and the wind is often strong enough to blow me around when I am working on a photo. The tide is also quite sneaky. You may remember your grandmother reminding you to never turn your back on the ocean. Well, there is good reason, and I have the salt-stained shoes to show for it.

Some of what I do find and manage to photograph though is composed of items joined in unusual formations, buried (or becoming unburied!) by the scouring sand, or washed up from long periods at sea. Fall weather often brings difficult conditions for photography, but it provides some interesting possibilities.

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