5 thoughts on “Simple Elegance

    • Thank you so very much. This was taken on the Atlantic Ocean tide line in Spring Lake, NJ. It is a favorite beach. I truly appreciate your kind remark!

      • Thanks so much, Andrea. I am currently working with a Nikon D3200. I have a long way to go with mastery of the camera, but I am finding that my undergraduate degree in art history is a tremendous influence into the composition and overall structure of my photographs. You are in the UK, yes? one of my favorite beaches in the world is on the coast in Northumberland. No matter the weather, I could walk that beach for hours. Best, Maggie

      • Hi Maggie,

        thanks for your kind answer 🙂 I guessed it’s Nikon, it has much brighter colours in comparison to Canon. Yes, I’ve heard of this place, though I’ve never visited it before. Maybe I should plan a summer trip there, only if the tickets were a bit cheaper:(

        Thanks and I will be looking forward to your future photos Maggie 🙂

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