A Snowy Beach Walk



There are wonderful images to be captured where the high tide meets a snowy, frigid beach. The sea water partially melts the snow, which quickly refreezes in fantastical patterns and shapes. The wild water also crushes anything it has in its waves as it hits the hard ice,

I thought I would include a photo of one of my favorite “go-to” beaches for walking the tide line. For the three months of summer it is filled with a busy, vibrant buzz of noise and color. During the remainder of the year, though, it is a wonderful place for personal solitude and quiet beach walks.

While I anxiously await spring, it has been lovely on the beach in winter.

3 thoughts on “A Snowy Beach Walk

  1. Maggie, I find the snowy beach such a hard concept to comprehend, I know it happens, I’ve seen it in photos, but it just seems weird to me. Thank you for the photo, it is great to see it.

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