Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Yellow


The colors came second, after noticing this remarkable arrangement on the tide line.
Two nearly identical shell fragments. A parallel arrangement. Two pebbles, autumn colors. One brilliant blue coquina. There are many stories here. >

4 thoughts on “Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Yellow

  1. Stunning! This absolutely falls into the “Framing” category. Even the minute details of the sand are awesome. Note the little lady bug – like colored elongated sphere just left of the left shell! M

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much. I first noted the identical shells, then began to see other pieces of the composition. BUT . . . I had not noticed the insect until you mentioned it! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. It made the morning!

      • I think we’d have to emphasize lady bug – “LIKE”, as it is likely not an actual insect – but sure is a good imposture! I love the colors, and close inspection seems to show a few other similar “grains.” Love the image!

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