Star Light


The starfish looked quite ‘gone’ when we found it high on the tide line. It seemed such a shame since it seemed to be working so hard on a new arm! Juxtapositioned beside the almost iridescent, weathered black shell fragment, it was a lovely study in textures. After photographing it, I picked it up to discover it was still alive. It was returned to the sea, where
I hope it is still growing the new appendage.

A note: The week ahead will not have many new posts. I will be traveling and will probably have little or no access to the internet. If the weather cooperates and I can manage transportation, though, I may be visiting a favorite seaside!

3 thoughts on “Star Light

  1. Oooo…poor starfish! So glad you saved him 🙂
    I am going to miss your tide line posts…praying for safe travels for you and hopefully you can sneak that little stop to your favorite seaside!!!

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