Sunrise, in Miniature


A beach, a sunrise, and the surprise of sea glass.
The sun shining through a bit of sea glass first caught my eye very early in the morning. Then I noticed that the interior of the mussel was still holding the image of the sunrise that had just taken place.

5 thoughts on “Sunrise, in Miniature

  1. What beautiful colour and light you have captured here, Maggie. Hope you enjoyed Spittal. I have a friend who has an old house up Cow Road, and she beach-combs as well, for glass and driftwood and shells, for the artworks she makes: maybe you passed each other.

    • The world is marvelously small! There was, indeed, a woman beach combing. How magical to imagine it could have been your friend. It was a lowering tide on a gorgeous day.
      Thanks so much, Cara, for your kind words. I need to get back to Spittal. Maybe someday.

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