Land and Sea; Black and White


Martinique Beach Provincial Park, Nova Scotia
Martinique Beach is a 5 kilometer expanse of lovely sand beach, surrounded by areas of protected dunes. It sits at the end of a seemingly endless 12 kilometer road, but is very much worth the drive. The dunes are protected, with 8 access points much like the one below. We arrived early on a misty morning; the air was cooler than the water (warmer than ours at the Jersey shore because of its closer proximity to the Gulf Stream), so the beach was full of mist, and the light was luminous. Absolutely magic. There were still lifes aplenty, which I will be sharing over the upcoming weeks.
I will return there, hopefully!



Looking Past the Vast



Cocklawburn Beach, Northumberland.
This is, perhaps, my favorite beach in the world. It is wild, vast, and almost always windy. The sea is never warm, never still, and the beach is dressed with a new array of stones, driftwood, and sea weed with every tide.

While Cocklawburn’s landscape is stunning, I am never disappointed when I look closely in the rocky outcrops or along the tideline. The changing clouds made these tiny pits in the rock, only about 2″ each, seem to wink back at me as the water reflected bits of brightness. The colors in the pebbles are completely lost to the enormity of the landscape unless there is a close look taken. Being prone to personify the landscape I heard A.A. Milne’s Eeyore in these tiny pools… “Thanks for noticing me…”