Shed in flight or while the gull was nibbling along the tide line . . . This solitary feather has been gently tumbled in the waves.
Again and again the colors of the beach startle me! When we start to draw as a children, the sand is tan, and the water is blue. Simple. Reality, though, is that all the colors of the rainbow are often evident in just the smallest sections of beach. And this is particularly true along tide line.
For a sense of scale, the small, purplish shells, coquina, are just under 1/2 inch in length. I love the juxtaposition of textures in this particular cluster, as well as the array of colors. The muted monochrome of the feather is a fine foil for the colors in the shells and pebbles.

2 thoughts on “Shed

    • Thanks so much, M. I go back and forth about whether to write or not, since the photos are taken most often in silence. Thanks for your kind comment.

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