Feather and Fragments


The tide line is full to overflowing with splashes of color and jumbles of shells and pebbles, yet it is interesting to me how often I come across balanced, monochromatic still lifes, such as this one.
Also of growing interest is the effect the early morning light has on the opacity of the items that I photograph. Here, the light is hitting the bit of down feather just perfectly to give the illusion of transparency. Now that fall is coming, the sun is lower and rising later, so I may have a chance to work with this a bit more.

3 thoughts on “Feather and Fragments

    • I am so very appreciative of your kind comment. Truly.
      My beach walks began years and years (dare I say decades?) ago as a time and place to quiet a busy mind and heart. The photography grew out of having taken the time to look carefully. I am genuinely delighted that you enjoy them, and I hope that you continue to do so. Warmly, Maggie

      • I sure will! Getting such a close-up of life from the other side of the globe somehow seems to make it that much more personal. In many ways, your pictures truly demonstrate that they are worth 1000 words.
        I am grateful that you chose to post them and share them with the world!

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