Sail On


“The sea is so big, and my ship is so small.”
Those of you who have been here before know that I do not arrange any objects in these photographs. The still lifes are created by the wash of the tide, the wind, and also the light, as is the case in this photograph. Morning light here on the eastern US coast often creates wonderful and surprising shadows like this one.
Sail on.

A Study in Translucency



As you may know, I love jingle shells. Their simplicity and fragility belies their origin in the tumbling, violent ocean. That any of them make it to the tide line is a point of amazement. This particular shell had just arrived with the last wave, hence the small bubbles within. The morning light spotlighted this tiny shell’s translucency, shining through to the sand beneath. The shell’s placement beside the opaque shell fragment makes this quality even more stunning.

Feather and Fragments


The tide line is full to overflowing with splashes of color and jumbles of shells and pebbles, yet it is interesting to me how often I come across balanced, monochromatic still lifes, such as this one.
Also of growing interest is the effect the early morning light has on the opacity of the items that I photograph. Here, the light is hitting the bit of down feather just perfectly to give the illusion of transparency. Now that fall is coming, the sun is lower and rising later, so I may have a chance to work with this a bit more.