The Sea’s Autobiography


There is something about this still life that speaks. It tells a story. Perhaps it is a sentence written in the sea’s kanji, or in a heretofore unknown abugida. It is the sea’s autobiography, in the sea’s own written words, left as a mystery for me to ponder.

The Man in the Moon Eats


Ultimately, I finished this photograph in the position that I photographed the original still life, but I toyed with other rotations of the photo. From the left, it was too much a ‘bowl’ and too predictable. From the right, well, it was far too evocative of a certain fast food logo for me!

Regardless of its orientation, I find myself wondering about what appears to be a cross section of the carapace. Many times I am curious about the origin of the items in the still lifes, and this is one of them.