Transparency: Algae, Salp, and Carapace

My photography skills were definitely not up to this task, but I needed to share the gentle loveliness of this small still life. The tide line positively glistened with salp yesterday morning; it was like a comet’s tail along the water in the early morning sunlight.




The sun, new in the east, and the strong wind from the west created this still life. The carapace must have been wind-lifted just minutes before, because this arrangement was within the reach of the tide. I was captivated by the glowing light, as well as by the “strings” of sand that are remnants of the creature that once lived within this translucent shell.

This still life in particular was a vivid reminder for me to look carefully at the world around me. Small beauties and surprises are everywhere!

Carapace and Reed, Dried


Well into the dunes, this horseshoe crab carapace was settled in beautifully beside the dried reed. I like how the reed echoes the points and angles of the carapace.

This horseshoe crab was huge! I will include this photo that my husband took with his iPhone of the crab next to his size 11 croc. And yes, that is an R2D2 Jibbitz on the croc. Oh, and yes, it lights up when he walks. I love it!


The Man in the Moon Eats


Ultimately, I finished this photograph in the position that I photographed the original still life, but I toyed with other rotations of the photo. From the left, it was too much a ‘bowl’ and too predictable. From the right, well, it was far too evocative of a certain fast food logo for me!

Regardless of its orientation, I find myself wondering about what appears to be a cross section of the carapace. Many times I am curious about the origin of the items in the still lifes, and this is one of them.