Wave Action


Whale Cove, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia
Bright sky, crystalline water, reddish sand, rainbow pebbles, and the most elegant and extravagant purple jellyfish I have ever seen. So much color on this small, isolated, and nearly empty cove. It was a spur of the moment, “Quick! Pull over there!” stop on our drive north on the west coast of Cape Breton from the Bay of Fundy area. So glad we did!



The Sea’s Autobiography


There is something about this still life that speaks. It tells a story. Perhaps it is a sentence written in the sea’s kanji, or in a heretofore unknown abugida. It is the sea’s autobiography, in the sea’s own written words, left as a mystery for me to ponder.

Carapace and Reed, Dried


Well into the dunes, this horseshoe crab carapace was settled in beautifully beside the dried reed. I like how the reed echoes the points and angles of the carapace.

This horseshoe crab was huge! I will include this photo that my husband took with his iPhone of the crab next to his size 11 croc. And yes, that is an R2D2 Jibbitz on the croc. Oh, and yes, it lights up when he walks. I love it!