A Study in Translucency



As you may know, I love jingle shells. Their simplicity and fragility belies their origin in the tumbling, violent ocean. That any of them make it to the tide line is a point of amazement. This particular shell had just arrived with the last wave, hence the small bubbles within. The morning light spotlighted this tiny shell’s translucency, shining through to the sand beneath. The shell’s placement beside the opaque shell fragment makes this quality even more stunning.



The sun, new in the east, and the strong wind from the west created this still life. The carapace must have been wind-lifted just minutes before, because this arrangement was within the reach of the tide. I was captivated by the glowing light, as well as by the “strings” of sand that are remnants of the creature that once lived within this translucent shell.

This still life in particular was a vivid reminder for me to look carefully at the world around me. Small beauties and surprises are everywhere!